Oct. 6th, 2013

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The only negative side effects I've had so far are a lightheaded feeling (which be a sinus issue), drinking a lot of water, and mild diarrhea (which could have been caused by the new digestive system treatment my normal doctor gave me, which I started at the same time. it's not an idea experiment, but I wasn't willing to wait on either). Of those, only the water consumption is still around.

Unexpected positive side effects include significantly reduced back pain and needing dramatically fewer magic food pills (could be the digestive treatment, although our initial guess was that that would make me temporarily need more).* I still enjoy r/trypophobia a great deal, but r/AdviceAnimals is just stupid. When browsing article-heavy subreddits, I actually read and appreciate the articles and don't feel an internal clock to get back to reddit itself.

The Vyvanse very definitely wears off. It's startlingly obvious if I'm doing job-work at the time, but I can eventually tell even if I'm doing something lighter. Vyvanse is well known to cause sleep disturbances, but in my case the only problem is that it isn't present to prevent late-night internet fuckery cycles. Once I break out of those, I fall asleep just fine, possibly even better. And yet I'm waking up earlier, and engaging in less phone internet fuckery before hauling my ass out of bed. To be clear, I am more awake and focused and able to act before I have taken the pill. Either some of it is sticking around overnight, without disrupting my sleep, or whatever system let me get anything done before is able to do a better job now that it's not bearing the weight of the entire world. And even the late night internet fuckery cycles are a little more focused and a lot less facebooky.

I still haven't had a full day in a room with the co-workers with no indoor voices, but I did go to a convention hall full of screaming children yesterday. Given the choice I would have done without the screaming children, but their presence felt more like a tax on my enjoyment and less like an overwhelming assault.

Part of me thinks I could do with a higher dose, but my stomach says that would be pushing my body too hard right now. I need more protein. And now I have the wherewithal to make that happen even on days work is not feeding me. And by "make that happen" I mostly mean "ask my boyfriend to cook for me", but that is still one more step than I was managing previously.

This was a triumph/ I'm making a note here, huge success

*Digression: my doctor's hypothesis is that I have an infection of H. pylori, best known for causing ulcers. There are two tests for H. pylori, and I tested positive on the less conventional of the two. I also tested negative for every known parasite but there is some DNA in my poop that should not be there, so I maybe have a parasite. The conventional treatment for H. pylori is massive doses of antibiotics plus a proton pump to raise stomach pH. It's an apocalypse for your digestive ecosystem and doesn't have a very high success rate. There is no conventional treatment for bonus DNA in your poop.

My doctor (ND, not MD) has prescribed some pills with herbs and spices in them. A cursory search on google scholar indicates that people have in fact studied these spices as anti-H. pylori agents, but the studies are small and the results are mixed. It's still fewer side effects than the conventional treatment, so I might as well give it a shot.

Given that magic food pills work by lowering my stomach pH, and part of the treatment is raising it, my doctor warned me I might feel really icky for a while. I delayed the start such that I'd be finishing the 30 day treatment on Samhain. We'll never known now, because I happened to get into my psychiatrist on 10/2 and I was not going to wait on the Vyvanse in order to let the secret recipe pills work in isolation.


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