Jul. 15th, 2004

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I think God is trying to tell me exercise is bad for me. I forgot the combination to my lock (although it wasn't locking anything at the time), and the one day all summer I wear pants to school, I forgot to pack my gym shorts. Since I can't work out to day, there's no way I'll be able to work out enough to enter the raffle this week. And that angers me too.

A word on the raffle. The deal is, if you do cardio 3x a week, full body stretching 3x a week, and muscle 2x a week, you get entered in a drawing for useless prizes. Waterbottles, T-shirts, things like that. Despite having absolutely no desire for these products, the contest very nearly motivated me to start weight training (missing today means I have no chance this week, I'll do it next week). I've been meaning to start weight training eventually. You know, eventually. First I wanted to strengthen my heart, but I did that. Now I want to get stretchier, because I'm really inflexible and muscles will make it worse if I'm not careful. But this damn contest made me seriously think about it. It's stupid. >:-(

I'm pondering setting up my own contest. If I made a goal, I would have a 1/n chance of getting something I actually wanted, probably a comic book. I shouldn't really need the incentive- I feel better after I exercise- but clearly it motivates me. Stupid human mind.


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