Mar. 20th, 2004

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Laptop arrived such that I could not pick it up till after I finished the CS project from hell. Since I couldn't use it for the proj without a bunch of prep first, that's probably just as well. It was a nice pick-me-up after the soul sucking badness of RSA encryption and LZ decompression. This thing is freaking huge. It's 17.2 diagonal, but gateway uses a 10:15 aspect ration, so it's much larger than a 17.2 diagonal moniter. The term "Laptop" is stretching the truth, although portable is not. And I love and hugged it repeatedly. I think it might have been a mistake to name it after a person (Lucien). My desktop is named after another computer (Hex) and I don't anthropomorphize it nearly so much.

After getting it internet and ensuring that it had office, I spent 30 minutes searching for a picture of Lucien for my desktop. It was not easy to do. Search for "Lucien" in and you'll get pages of people named Lucien. Search for "sandman lucien" and you'll get two bad images. The one I finally found is horribly proportioned for the computer but too small to tile or center, so I'm just calling it artisticly bad stretching and moving on.


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