Mar. 18th, 2004

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1. When your creative writing teacher talks about how he likes lists of items in poems, you begin thinking of list operations and their relative efficiencies.
2. When required to write of three images that connotate speed, you write "A pumpkin plummeting off the bridge, running for a bus, and a 2.8GHz processor on an O(1) operation"
3. You refer to CS office hours as a social activity
4. You are not being sarcastic when you do so
5. This does not strike you as odd till your partner points it out
6. Your partner nevertheless agrees with you
7. |days of office hours| = |days attended|
8. Anticipation of your coming laptop brings you actual physical pleasure
9. The TAs will ignore students in their office and walk down the hall to backseat program with you, because they find you more entertaining.
10 If it wasn't for the 7 hours of D&D, you'd see the TAs more than your friends.
11. By an order of magnitude
12. You cannot remember the last time you showered
13. You attempt to write your essays for lit class modally
14. When you're nearly in a car accident, your first thought is "did the sudden stop hurt the laptop?" (3/20/04)
15. You have dreamt about your CS project (nightmares count) (3/20/04)
16. When asked to complete the sentence "She spun off like..." in a creative manner, you are stumped, until your hard drive starts whirring. (3/22/04)
17. You appear to have an empathic bond with your CS partner that transcends 150 miles and five days without seeing each other. (3/26/04)

I fixed number 12 this morning. I see no way to change the others

More to be added as I you do them.

Still no laptop.


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