Feb. 21st, 2004

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We had two visitors, so D&D this week was a one-off. Our job was to rescue a princess* from a mafia don, Lorne da Pylea^. Because Rorschach hates us, the don was quadrupeling security because a mafia higher up was visiting (last name: de Costa, first name: unknown). This mission would require a lot of subterfuge.

Our party had already discussed how to disguise ourselves when we travelled. At its peak the group is four humans, a mojh (dragon-like human), two fae, a spryte, a dwarf and a verrik (who was absent this week). Three of the humans are totem warriors, so we also have a rhino, a hawk, and a wolf travelling with us. This week we had a visiting giant and verrik. So we went with the natural cover story- travelling circus. Then we had to figure out how to get into the compound- why not tell the lord we were a circus and offer our services? And how do we convince him he should hire us? By advertising the hell out of show using ghost sound, illusions, energy creatures, and a 39 storytelling check in a tavern. And then putting on an even more spectacular show.

Lorne was smitten, and hired us to perform for his boss. The audience was: Lorne, his high level bodyguard plus several lower level bodyguards, the head de Costa, his eight body guards, all the household staff, all the household criminals, for about 80 people total. We performed all the parts that didn't require spells, ending with me juggling torches. Those of you who play Arcana Unearthed will see where this is going. Those who don't: any fire is a source for fireburst, the most powerful low level attack spell. At the end of my act I threw two torches into the two groups of important people (Lorne+co, de Costa + co), each of which was firebursted by a mage. The one against Lorne was fire templated. He got dead before he ever made a move, which is good because he was a 7th level runethane. His bodyguard was criticaled at the start of the initiative by the visiting unfettered verrik.

While some people took out the high level guards, I was rushed by 20 low level criminals on one side, and 8 on the other. I still had two torches left. And I'm a fourth level Oathsworne with +1 acid hands, so when I throw a torch at someone, it does acid damage. The mojh firebursted the large group and I intimidated the other group away. Then other people ran away and it got kind of silly.

*This princess was actually not noble, and was unlikely to inherit a kingdom. But she was female and we were rescuing her.

^for angel fans: he was a sonic mage


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