Feb. 10th, 2004

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Met with the Fairy Tale TA today, as one of two mandatory conferences. I got a B+ on the paper, with nice comments. I'd be happy with a B+, given that it's me and an English paper, and I have my participation grade to pull me up. But during the conference he said that he always gives lower grades at first, to encorage people to work hard. He apparently doesn't think this effect will be at all diminished by telling people the same work will bring an A in two months. He's a nice guy, when he's not trying to teach.

On the other hand, my creative writing teacher only pisses me off more. He still hasn't returned our first assignment (which we turned in two weeks ago), and the deadline to switch to S/U is coming up. I don't think teachers should be allowed to give new assignments until you can see their comments on your last paper, much less collect the new assignments. He's now at least three responses behind, and he just got a stack of short stories to evaluate. When exactly will he have time to grade these, if he couldn't manage 1 page responses?

My Evolution TA pisses me off. She sounds like a younger, female version of Lumbourgh from Office Space. "Yeah, so you can just go ahead and fill out that part of the graph too in the exact same way as we did for the previous $%^&*( data points." That may not be an exact quote. She also mentioned sexual selection and didn't sound utterly fascinated. How much more proof do you need?


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