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"Have you thought about trying stand up comedy? Because I think you'd be good at it"
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Me: I like video games because I'm bad at them. Usually when I'm bad at a thing I have to work really hard to get better at it, but I can just use brute force and walkthroughs and that's okay because it's a video game.
Friend: Yeah. You've done everything you need to by putting the disc in. And if you can't do that, there's Steam.
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Most happiness research is useless. But one of the few pieces I do believe is a study I didn't even read, I just heard about it from my dad. In the study, students (it's always students) were asked to make some copies before they filled out their happiness survey. The experimental group found some small amount of change in the copier. The control group didn't. The change-finders reported being noticeably happier than the control group.

I try to collect things that function like change in the copier. One of these is my special pens. I actually asked to have those pens specially provided when I joined my new company, because they just make me that happy. On one hand, it's stupid. On the other hand, given how happy they make me, it would be stupid not use them. I also have a profound weakness for dancing cartoons. I'm convinced that this is one of societies crowning achievements.

But even Pigloo fails when compared to the dancing imp in the commercial at the end of this video. I mean, I hope it's there. They're not consistent, sometimes there's no ad, sometimes there's an ad that doesn't even feature a dancing imp. This made going through a 10-episode backlog of Zero Punctuation a delight. Not only was it entertaining, but at the end there was a chance that I'd see the dancing imp. You couldn't design a better intermittent reward system if you tried.
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So after 20 or years of vegetarianism, I'm slowly adding meat to my diet. I've eaten enough that the barrier is no longer an inability to digest it, but there's still a huge psychological barrier to eating what I still view as warmed animal corpse. I assume that will get better with time. And my doctor will be happy about that, but not nearly as happy as my cat. The little cat never really had meat, so while he's intrigued by these new substances I'm bringing into the house, he doesn't devote nearly the energy to them that he devotes to opening a box of wheat things, unrolling the bag, retrieving several crackers, and grinding them into the couch.

But the older one spent his first two years in a family that only ate meat but specifically gave bits of it to their cat. I believe that, had he the equipment to do so, the appearance of chicken nuggets today would have caused him to spontaneously orgasm as he stuffed an entire nuggest in his mouth, realized that left no room to chew, spat it out, spotted magic new food on the floor in front of him, and began the process again. Simply sitting near the bag gave him pleasure. The good news is it was real easy to give him his antibiotics tonight.
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Sometimes you arrive at the bus stop five minutes early and it's ten minutes late. Sometimes you arrive on time and it was a minute early. Sometimes you can see it from the top of your hill and run like hell but the lights are against you and you still miss the bus. Sometimes, from that same distance away, the lights are for you and you make it to the stop with plenty of time to remember that in your haste to catch the bus, you left your karate uniform at the house and there is no way you will retrieve it and make it to the stop in time and are forced to drive instead. But then you will be the class will consist of you and a black belt and you will get hella attention, so it all evens out.


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