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Friend: I love Ned Stark because I am Ned Stark, which is to say I am never going into politics because I will be beheaded
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Me: I like video games because I'm bad at them. Usually when I'm bad at a thing I have to work really hard to get better at it, but I can just use brute force and walkthroughs and that's okay because it's a video game.
Friend: Yeah. You've done everything you need to by putting the disc in. And if you can't do that, there's Steam.
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me: i just abandoned this book called The Unincorporated Man
friend: That's probably not a good sign.
me: it's about a wealthy man from our time frozen and woken up 300 years in the future, when individuals are incorporated and sell shares of themselves to pay for education (also, your parents own a share in you). everyone's goal is to get 51% of themselves so they can eat a damn twinky if they want to
but with the exception of parental ownership, everything is voluntary
the hero leads a quest to topple this system and institute taxation instead
friend: Huh.
me: this book was the book of the year for the Libertarian Futurist Society
I don't think that words means what they think it means
friend: It sounds like the initial society is a Libertarian's dream.
me: you would think so
Irfaan: And this is why I shouldn't think - there's the translation overhead of dealing with those that don't.
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"He's like the Robert Heinlein of people"
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I went a week without sparring after I started the hydrocortisone, for unrelated reasons. When I came back on Tuesday, the difference was remarkable (as in, several people independently remarked on it). The tiny marginal difference in flexibility and relaxation mean I can throw (something closer to) the truly liquid punches that are more effective with less work. And the flexibility + lessening of inflammation in my hip means the maximum kick height I can achieve without hurting myself is higher. It's only a few inches, but they're a critical few, because they move a number of people from "unkickable" to "kickable." Particularly on the receiving end of that this week was a pair of twin brothers, who moved from "I can maybe kick them this one way if I get an exceptionally good shot" to "I can reliably kick them at speed without fear of injuring either one of us."

All of which is a lead up to saying: don't announce to an all-male-but-for-you class "Now I can kick high enough to get the twins." It makes your classmates nervous.
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I'm rewatching Farscape, and much of the dialogue is clunky, but it does contain one of my favorite lines ever.

Aeryn: It wasn't my door he was last seen sniffing under.
Chianna: Some women consider that a compliment.
Aeryn: Some women have to.
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Me: Can I complain about a thing?
Friends: Sure
Me: I take iodine for medical reasons
Friends (incredibly emotive): oh man, that sucks.
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I recently had coffee with a friend I hadn't talked to in six years. One of the fascinating things to observe is the ways our politics have changed, and our reactions to that. In college we shared fairly similar libertarian views. Since then, we've grown in parallel in some ways (number of use of the word privilege/minute), and apart in others- I'm still libertarian and he's now pretty liberal. I'm sure that will lead to fascinating stories later, but for now the interesting part is how we're politely feeling out the others views.

For reasons that will become obvious, it's important that you know the history of Orson Scott Card. He was at one point capable of writing fantastic things, although never consistently. Once the internet came around we were able to discover he had all sorts of horrible views on gay people and GWB and watches Fox News because it's the only patriotic news station. Around the same time, he stopped writing good works to concentrate on crap.

Here is the conversation I had with my friend:

Me: [Passage from an old, good Card book that I found really meaningful].
Me: Ah, back when Card was good.
Friend: Oh good, I was wondering how to check to see if you still liked him.
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"Stop tickling me"
"I'm trying to do a toe hold"
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"I will not claim causation, but I will say that there is a strong and avid correlation between bigotry and stupid."- Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Quote from a commenter on that same post: I was going to write "privilege can make you stupid", but that isn't right. We all start out stupid. Privilege allows you to stay stupid.
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me: It's frustrating to share an opinion with so many idiots.
Rachel: but you're a libertarian, shouldn't you be used to that?
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"All the degrees in the world won't help you if you're lazy"
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(scene: discussing m martial arts volunteering at the girls' middle school)

Me: I have a tiny ninja army and they're adorable
scythe_of_time: You should make little shirts for them that say, wait, don't do that.


Jan. 30th, 2011 07:49 pm
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I am on the phone, helping my mom set up her Zune (or as she calls it, her iPod). she claims to have connected it to the computer but it's not showing up or reacting. Suspecting a wetware issue, I ask her to get my brother

me: Can you make sure she connected it correctly?


Jan. 20th, 2011 05:37 pm
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"to try to do something which is inherently impossible is always a corrupting enterprise"
-Michael Oakeshott, as quoted in Maximum Feasible Misunderstanding: Community Action in the war on Poverty.
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So what we've learned is don't let the doctor write the list for the MC.
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"Am I smart enough?  Will people like me?  Do I really look all right in this plastic jumpsuit?  These are questions for insecure potheads.  A speed enthusiast knows that everything he says or does is brilliant"
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Me: Are you really supposed to spar while getting chemo?
Instructor 1: Probably not. But you can't negotiate with terrorists, and fear and pain are terrorists.
Instructor 2: But at some point go to the doctor.
Instructor 1: yeah
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"I don't care what anyone says, eating that non-profit was fun" -Sarko
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... I present this story about why I love my studio.

Quantum goes out of its way to be female- and queer- friendly. Not exactly gay gym level, but at or beyond the level of a welcoming and affirming church. A few weekends I was in a class that consisted of several women (orientations unknown), two gay guys, and one straight guy. The following took place during group stretches, paraphrased:

Gay guy #1: You haven't read Savage's "straight men are stupid" article?
[it is clear from his tone that he does not think straight men are stupid, but does think the humor in the article comes from a place of truth]
Gay guy #2: Nope
#1: I have to send it to you. It's hilarious.
[pause, looks around, turns to lone straight guy]
#1: no offense man. my straight friends found it funny too.

I find it impossible to articulate why I find this so awesome, but everyone I've told has shared the feeling, so I figured I would distribute it widely.


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