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  1. Child molestation is terrible
  2. Child molesters should be punished, severely.
  3. It is impossible for me to develop my own opinion from primary sources for every accusation of child molestation.
  4. Ideally, I could outsource developing an informed opinion to the legal system.
  5. The legal system has limitations, both theoretical and in practice. There are many guilty people who have not been convicted, or even tried.
  6. From what I have read, the physical evidence stacks in Allen's favor. The doctor found no evidence of abuse, witnesses who probably would have noticed Dylan's absence did not do so.
  7. It is terrifyingly easy to get children to lie. Moreover, it's terrifyingly easy to get children to believe these lies, even decades later.
  8. Trained experts have problems distinguishing "coached child can't keep story straight" from "abused child terrified by system, generates inconsistent account of genuine abuse." There is no way for anyone to do so from secondhand accounts 20 years after the fact.
  9. False allegations of molestation are fairly common in child custody disputes.
  10. "Mia Farrow is batshit crazy and coached Dylan to lie in order to exact revenge on Allen." is very consistent with the evidence.
  11. In particular, she is friends with Roman Polanski, who admitted to orally,anally and vaginally penetrating a 13 year old girl who was very actively protesting despite the multiple intoxicants he gave he.
  12. Having a batshit insane mother is not actually protection against molestation.
  13. "Look at all those kids I didn't molest" is a pretty weak defense.
  14. Even if Allen didn't abuse Dylan, how we treat the accusation has very important consequences for abuse victims

UPDATE: dispute on some of the factual issues. The pertinent point is that there is at least one witness saying Dylan was missing for 20 minutes of the day in question.
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