Sep. 13th, 2013

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Doctor switched me from Halcion (which is what the periodontist gave me) to Xanax to keep me from having a meltdown in the dentist's office, because it's the one she's most familiar with. This proved to be a mistake, as Xanax mostly suppressed my mechanisms for coping with fear and pain. It also left me groggy and useless for >12 hours. In contrast, Halcion starts wearing off before I leave the office. Have left a message asking to go back to Halcion. On the plus side, if you tell the hygienist "I'm on too much Xanax for small talk" she will stop asking about your job.

Dentists spent years and years yelling at me about my homecare and saying it would stop hurting if I did it consistently enough for long enough. It never stopped hurting and my teeth never got better. Than I went on the HCl for hypochlorhydria and my oral health immediately got vastly better. This has made me pretty fatalistic towards the concept of flossing. Plus I'm reading another book on Scientology, and "you only feel pain when you do this because you're not doing it good enough" totally sounds like something they would say.

As I was walking to the dentist I realized I needed to give another donation to Modest Needs, but tracking down a dental case didn't feel quite right. When I checked my email afterwords there was a mass mailing saying that Modest Needs had depleted its emergency fun and needed more money. I didn't give them as much as they asked for, but donating to the emergency fund felt right.


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