Feb. 11th, 2013

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I was really baffled as to how Robert Patterson (Edward from Twilight) became a sex symbol. His candid shots look like a man who spent the last 36 hours in bed drinking beer and playing xbox. Not playstation, not wii, definitely xbox. As Edward, I felt they overdid his death-palor make-up. Even when he cleans up for premiers he looks like he just walked into a wall. I will admit that his willingness to bite the hand that feeds him is refreshing, but not funny enough to make him a sex symbol. Most of the time I hear Twilight news coverage I just feel introvert sympathy for Kristin Stewart.

And then my friend sent me video of him.

Somehow, in the four years this whole Twilight thing had been happening, I'd never heard his voice, much less seen an interview. From the first syllable, he just has presence. And once he gets several syllables in a row, he's funny. He is hilariously self-effacing yet supremely self-confident, without seeming disingenuous. I feel strongly that I should breed with him to secure good genes for my offspring.

I usually find extroverts stressful, because they are always wanting attention and expecting answers before I have all the information, and while I know they're not consciously trying to steal from me, the net effect is that I lose energy and they gain it. But sometimes people become so extroverted (or secure, or attention whorey) that I find them both comforting and fascinating. Comforting because their need to be the center of attention takes the pressure off of me. Fascinating because they're doing things that would take me tremendous build up recovery time, and it's not only effortless, it's giving them energy back. It's like watching an alien eat rocks.


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